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Steve Jobs and iSchools

Nunberg offers a reflection on the “i” prefix, and even mentions the U of T iSchool toward the end of the essay. Now Brian can just point people to that essay when they ask what he’s doing in grad school. 😉

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“UWO + McMaster research team produce new G&M report”

Or at least that’s what you might think if you read this Globe and Mail Canadian University Report. Not only is McMaster Canadian “Ivy League,” [which I suspect many in the social sciences would scoff at…. just go read PSJR sometime, or don’t…] but our undergrads give the University some of the highest ratings among […]

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Elite interviews

I am only semi-joking when I consider writing a journal article entitled, “Everything you need to learn about elite interviewing you can learn from Columbo.”

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Great NPR story for folks teaching EU politics

Read, or better yet, listen. Here’s the song lyrics and the full mp3.

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Why I bother to wear makeup (sometimes)

This New York Times article echos some of the findings on gender and teaching evaluations that I summarized here.  

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