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Running legacy Win-only software on Mac OS

One of the headaches of moving to Mac has been that I have one piece of statistical software that is Windows only. I could abandon the software and learn R, but I didn’t want to do anything rash. 🙂 Besides, at the Midwest, Fred assured me that he was able to get everything to run […]

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Moving on up….

… to Maclandia. We’ve replaced our Linux and Windows pcs with Macbooks. The world is a scary but shiny new place. We also upgraded our NAS to 4 TB. It’s taken me a couple of weekends, but I’ve finally gotten all my files moved, various tools installed, and a full range of backup provisions configured. […]

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Christmas stories

I’m sure every family has a collection of stories they share around Christmas. One of the favorites in my mom’s family is about the time, when my mom was in elementary school, her dad told her they weren’t having Christmas so that she would stop bugging them about her presents. He told her they couldn’t […]

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Customizing Emacs

I figure one way to become more familiar with Emacs is to customize some of its settings. Of the various pages I’ve found on the web that describe different customizations, I’ve found these two to be the most useful. First, I wandered around the Emacs customization menu by clicking the Customize Setup link on the […]

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Follow-up to post about LaTeX, etc.

Yesterday, I provided a rough outline of the steps for installing Emacs + AUCTeX in Windows 7. Upon further reflection, I realized a few things about the process. First, most of the documentation for these tools is outdated and/or poorly written (at least for recent versions of Windows). Second, it’s way easier to install this […]

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Installing and learning LaTeX

Long on my to-do list has been to use LaTeX, mainly for its BibTeX features. I’ve avoided it for so long because I’m pretty adept at MSWord. However, with Office2010 and that blasted ribbon, they broke all my keyboard shortcuts for menu items (imagine grumpy old professor shaking hand at the gods and yelling). As […]

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Things I have been thinking about

I’m trying to get back in the habit of posting here, even if it’s not super important, interesting, or research-related. Yesterday, I submitted another small grant application for OPOSSEM. We need some MediaWiki development work done, and [surprise] I haven’t been able to find anyone able or willing to work for free. Hopefully, with some […]

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Shameless self-promotion

The editorial assistant for the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance just sent me a copy of this book review. Detailed TOC here. Lots of economists at Big Name Schools there. And, my chapter is mentioned for its contribution. 😀

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Doyle, our NAFTA kitty

Earlier this week, we said goodbye to Doyle, our NAFTA kitty. He was almost 17 years old. Doyle was our second pet; we still have our first cat, Pannonica, who is either 17 or 18. We got Doyle in January 1995 from the Austin Humane Society on North 183. I went looking for a cat […]

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Ninja librarians and other forms of surveillance

Consider this just a big link dump for Brian. Now there’s an easy response when people ask what you might do with a Master of Information degree: Information Ninja! The CIA (see also) Ninja librarians Sentiment analysis World mood ring Self-surveillance Tracking DC homicides

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