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Test post

This is a test post for FB.

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If you want to invite me for a guest lecture or talk

I’m thinking that someday, I would like to have an info packet like Richard Stallman. For instance, consider: If you can find a host for me that has a friendly parrot, I will be very very glad. If you can find someone who has a friendly parrot I can visit with, that will be nice […]

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Steve Jobs and iSchools

Nunberg offers a reflection on the “i” prefix, and even mentions the U of T iSchool toward the end of the essay. Now Brian can just point people to that essay when they ask what he’s doing in grad school. 😉

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“UWO + McMaster research team produce new G&M report”

Or at least that’s what you might think if you read this Globe and Mail Canadian University Report. Not only is McMaster Canadian “Ivy League,” [which I suspect many in the social sciences would scoff at…. just go read PSJR sometime, or don’t…] but our undergrads give the University some of the highest ratings among […]

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Elite interviews

I am only semi-joking when I consider writing a journal article entitled, “Everything you need to learn about elite interviewing you can learn from Columbo.”

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Great NPR story for folks teaching EU politics

Read, or better yet, listen. Here’s the song lyrics and the full mp3.

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Why I bother to wear makeup (sometimes)

This New York Times article echos some of the findings on gender and teaching evaluations that I summarized here.  

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Random thoughts on epistemology, ontology, and methodology

So, before I forget…. I wanted to commit to paper (eh, teh Internets) these random thoughts that I had before, during, and after research design class today… Do most grad students start out as “problem driven” researchers? That is, don’t we mostly come to graduate studies due to interests in real substantive (as opposed, usually, […]

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Regional linguistic affectations, or amateur linguistic analysis

My brother-in-law, who recently relocated from Texas to Western NY for his Ph.D., sent me this rumination on the use of “Y’all”, which I promptly forwarded to my Chair and a staff member, both of whom have either chuckled or LOL’d when I’ve said “y’all.” In response, the staff member admitted that Canadian’s have their […]

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What is the comparative advantage of political science in Canada?

Let me start by saying this is not a promise that I will be blogging again regularly. However, I’ve been thinking about this since last week’s graduate research design class, so I thought I’d go ahead and write these ideas down somewhere other than my Moleskine™. For the first week of class, we read a […]

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