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Customizing Emacs

I figure one way to become more familiar with Emacs is to customize some of its settings. Of the various pages I’ve found on the web that describe different customizations, I’ve found these two to be the most useful. First, I wandered around the Emacs customization menu by clicking the Customize Setup link on the […]

Elite interviews

I am only semi-joking when I consider writing a journal article entitled, “Everything you need to learn about elite interviewing you can learn from Columbo.”

Random thoughts on epistemology, ontology, and methodology

So, before I forget…. I wanted to commit to paper (eh, teh Internets) these random thoughts that I had before, during, and after research design class today… Do most grad students start out as “problem driven” researchers? That is, don’t we mostly come to graduate studies due to interests in real substantive (as opposed, usually, […]