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More exercises in swirl

Once you’ve installed swirl and completed the recommended modules in R Programming in swirl, there are other swirl modules that will help you with course content. Getting and Cleaning Data (dyplr, tidr, lubridate) Data cleaning swirl::install_course(“Getting and Cleaning Data”) Statistical inference (probability, distributions, hypothesis testing) probabilities swirl::install_course(“Statistical Inference”) Regression Models regression models swirl::install_course(“Regression Models”) Exploratory […]

Setting up a Zotero workflow on MacOS

Zotero will only allow you to sync your library using either their service (not enough space) or via WebDAV. My Dreamhost backups storage doesn’t support webDAV. I tinkered around with some options (e.g., storagemadeeasy) to turn either my Dreamhost or my NAS shares into WebDAV folders. But, then, I learned that Mac OS doesn’t play […]

Installing R & RStudio

If you have not used or installed R previously, follow the instructions on this page to install R, RStudio, and swirl before the first day of class. Note: If you are a Windows user, you must have an administrative account to install software. We will be using R & RStudio during class and for all […]

Installing and exploring R with swirl

swirl is an interactive learning tool that works inside RStudio. I recommend swirl exercises for all R users, but especially for students who have never used a command script with a software analysis program before. Install the swirl package inside RStudio. You are now ready to install the swirl package in RStudio. A package is […]

Running legacy Win-only software on Mac OS

One of the headaches of moving to Mac has been that I have one piece of statistical software that is Windows only. I could abandon the software and learn R, but I didn’t want to do anything rash. 🙂 Besides, at the Midwest, Fred assured me that he was able to get everything to run […]

Moving on up….

… to Maclandia. We’ve replaced our Linux and Windows pcs with Macbooks. The world is a scary but shiny new place. We also upgraded our NAS to 4 TB. It’s taken me a couple of weekends, but I’ve finally gotten all my files moved, various tools installed, and a full range of backup provisions configured. […]

Follow-up to post about LaTeX, etc.

Yesterday, I provided a rough outline of the steps for installing Emacs + AUCTeX in Windows 7. Upon further reflection, I realized a few things about the process. First, most of the documentation for these tools is outdated and/or poorly written (at least for recent versions of Windows). Second, it’s way easier to install this […]

Shameless self-promotion

The editorial assistant for the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance just sent me a copy of this book review. Detailed TOC here. Lots of economists at Big Name Schools there. And, my chapter is mentioned for its contribution. 😀

Doyle, our NAFTA kitty

Earlier this week, we said goodbye to Doyle, our NAFTA kitty. He was almost 17 years old. Doyle was our second pet; we still have our first cat, Pannonica, who is either 17 or 18. We got Doyle in January 1995 from the Austin Humane Society on North 183. I went looking for a cat […]

Ninja librarians and other forms of surveillance

Consider this just a big link dump for Brian. Now there’s an easy response when people ask what you might do with a Master of Information degree: Information Ninja! The CIA (see also) Ninja librarians Sentiment analysis World mood ring Self-surveillance Tracking DC homicides